An island continent of human kingdoms.  Formerly known as Tritos, largest of the Finlorian Isles.

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Geographic Names

Continent: Pentania (formerly Tritos of the Finlorian Isles)

Regions: Alson, Kuuria, Menzos, Nivvia (uninhabited), Partha, Vosges

Cities/Settlements --

Alson: Diln, Drakmar, Earthwyn, Gammelost, Glendon, Kord, Krynwall, Palladur

Kuuria: Conthur Keep, Durthur Keep, Morethil, Morganthur, Shiro, Souaris, Stralk, Tresc Thor

Menzos: Kraagen Keep, Morjal

Partha: Atharvan, Battlemont, Crylag, Dirrk, Feverroot, Laulk, Leaven, Whitlock

Vosges: N/A

Mountain Ranges: Aspandel, Emering, Skullmar, Tenstrock, Whistlecrag

Forests: Kalgren, Kalmira, Whisperwood

Lakes: Lake Hivron, Llornel Lake

Rivers: Emerald River, Kalgren Fork, Kraagmal River, Llornel River, Royal River, Shia River South River

Oceans: Oloron Sea, Nivvian Gulf

Miscellaneous: Fields of Ravacost, Gaperon, Mount Krakken, Ruins of Thrak-Symbos


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