Art Gallery

The following is a collection of artwork pertaining to Eldon's books. Some are professional images, such as cover art and promotional materials. Space is also dedicated to works of art (images, songs, etc) submitted by readers.

All work is presented in thumbnail format. To view an image in full size, simply click on the desired item below. Some larger images may take a few moments to load.

Cover Art

Final cover art for Divine Talisman, by Koveck

Early concept sketch for Divine Talisman, by Tone Rodriguez

Cover art for The Obsidian Key, by Koveck

Final cover art for The Crimson Sword, by Koveck

Early concept sketch for The Crimson Sword, by Koveck

Promotional Items

Bookmark for The Crimson Sword

Bookmark for The Obsidian Key

Bookmark for The Divine Talisman

2006 Business Card (front)

2006 Business Card (back)

Promotional Display Card (outside)

Promotional Display Card (inside)

2005 Preview Promotional Card (front)

2005 Preview Promotional Card (back)

Reader Items

Note: If interested in submitting fan-generated content to be displayed here, please contact us via email.


Song - "Spithaera" by Valles Flying Machine

The following song was submitted to us by Texas Joe of Valles Flying Machine. VFM describes itself as being a "psychedelic / progressive / jam band". They are reported to be working on numerous songs inspired by Eldon's books, including songs about Marisha, the Mookla'ayans, and the village Diln.

You can listen to "Spithaera" (approximately 6 minutes) by clicking the green headphones button below. To download, right-click on the button and select "Save Target As".

"Spithaera" by Valles Flying Machine

For more about Texas Joe and Valles Flying Machine, check out or visit them on MySpace at


Blanket by Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis, an avid fantasy reader, also enjoys knitting. After reading Eldon's books and meeting him at a local signing, she decided to knit a queen-size blanket for him. Impressed by Lisa's skills and flattered by such a kind gesture, Eldon visited with Lisa and family in March of 2009 to pick up the blanket and offer his thanks. The images below are from that visit (click to enlarge).

Eldon's blanket, knitted by Lisa Ellis

Eldon visits with Lisa Ellis (2009)

Eldon with Lisa's daughter, Crystal


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