Warder Trilogy Preview

August 21, 2018

Today marks the official announcement of the long-awaited return of Kylac Kronus in the all-new Warder Trilogy. Thirteen years since his introduction in The Crimson Sword (2005), readers will finally get to learn what exactly became of young Kylac following the War of the Demon Queen.

For what it may be worth, there will be very little waiting from here on out. Book One: The Ukinhan Wilds, releases next Tuesday, August 28. Book Two: The Blackmon Shards, will release in just two months, on October 30. Book Three, The Sundered Isle, will mark the trilogy’s conclusion with its release two months after that, on December 25.

The Ukinhan Wilds   The Blackmoon Shards   The Sundered Isle

All three title will be available in ebook and limited edition hardcover formats, with trade paperback versions slated for release at a future date to be announced. Visitors of this site can find shortcut links to the individual titles on the Buy Online page. Autographed and personalized copies can be purchased from the Signed Copies page.

New readers can acquaint themselves with Kylac in the origin story "Unbowed," formerly appearing in the bestselling anthology Unfettered and recently made available as a standalone ebook.

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