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2008 Store Signing at Borderlands Books

When: July 22, 2008

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Where: Borderlands Books, San Francisco, CA.

Please join Eldon at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, California on Tuesday evening, July 22nd, for the official release of The Divine Talisman, the concluding volume in his Legend of Asahiel trilogy. Eldon will be appearing alongside Naomi Novik, author of Victory of Eagles, the fifth installment in her bestselling Temeraire series. Don't miss this great double-feature event!

The store address is:

Borderlands Books
866 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

A map of 866 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110-1739. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions

For additional inquiries, please contact Jude at 415-824-8203, or call the store toll-free at 888-893-4008.


Eldon had the following to say about his first appearance at Borderlands Books:

"Alan and Jude are wonderful peopleI knew that much already, having met them at conventions past. But this was the first opportunity I'd had to visit their store in the heart of San Francisco, and to meet the rest of their crew. Extremely gracious hosts, as expected, and I wish to thank them again for having me visit. Their store boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with everything from the latest releases to rare, vintage treasures. Readers in the Bay Area who have yet to discover this terrific independent should do themselves a favor and drop in.

Thanks also to Naomi Novik and Del Rey Books for allowing me to crash their party and share the spotlight. Anyone who hasn't yet come across Naomi's Temeraire books (featuring dragon-based aerial combat during the Napoleonic wars) should definitely check them out.

Aside from that, this event gave me an excuse to visit the city's famous wharf for the first time, and get a close-up look at Alcatraz (from the outside, anyway). A quick trip, and one made without a camera, so I have no photos to share. But I had a great time, and I'm pretty sure that that's what anyone reading this would care about.  What?  No?  Very well, I'll try to do better next time."


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