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Server Switch Complete

August 23, 2009

We're back!

Or so we hope. After a temporary inconvenience, we have successfully transitioned this site over to our new servers. As always, change brings with it a few unexpected challenges... but also paves the way for progress. Be sure to note some of our new features, such as our improved search box on the home page, our completely rebuilt forum (we lost all the old database content, but are confident visitors will agree it was worth it), and our new News page (drum roll, please), Eldon's blog! Okay, maybe it's not that big a deal. Eldon certainly doesn't seem to think so, but we've been bugging him for years now to get with the program and write one, and he has finally agreed. For those who are always writing in to ask where he is and what he's doing, that will be the page to bookmark (or better yet, subscribe to his RSS feed).

Of course, there may yet be small fires to put out or rough edges to smooth over. So if you notice something odd, out of place, or flat-out broken, do us a favor: email us so that we can fix it. Or, if you just want to share your opinions on the upgrades, we'll take that too.

Thanks again for your patience, everyone, and welcome back!


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