The Obsidian Key

Book Two of The Legend of Asahiel

First Released: July 3, 2006
Publisher: HarperCollins (Eos)
Editor: Diana Gill
Cover Art: Koveck
ISBN: 006074152X


Even great deeds can have
                   unimaginable consequences . . .


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The Obsidian Key



The Age of Man, so quickly heralded, is already under siege. Shaken by the catastrophic war with the Demon Queen Spithaera, Pentania wrestles with a new world of possibility and potential disaster.

And humanity will never be the same.

In his epic battle with the Demon Queen, young Jarom became Torin, King of Alson. Now, with bitter foes on all sides, he must forge his kingdom from the ruins of an empire and begin anew. But it is too soon to forget the past entirely. For in recklessly reclaiming the mythical Sword of Asahiel, Torin reopened a dimensional breach no longer sealed by its power. Now, creatures of legend and nightmare are returning, as if to reclaim what was once theirsdriven by the terrifying Illysp, foul spirits who possess the bodies and enslave the souls of all.

As the shadowy host advances, Torin must undertake a dangerous voyage to learn the secrets of a lost people who once overcame these relentless marauders. Yet enemies old and those unknown have different plans for king and country, and even if Torin can succeed, it may already be too late.

Also available in mass market paperback.


U.S. Editions

  Hardcover Original

  July 3, 2006

  ISBN: 006074152X






  Mass Market Reprint

  February 27, 2007

  ISBN: 0060741538


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