Below is a complete glossary of magical artifacts found throughout the "Asahiel" books. Click the button to hear an audio pronunciation provided by William Thompson (requires Adobe's free Flash Player plug-in).


Carafix of Life - A representation of the universal energies by which all life is composed, used in the study of magic.

Dragon Orb - A mystical talisman of great power and origin, set to serve as the "lock" upon the Illysp seal.

Kronus Blades - A set of blades discovered by Kylac Kronus in a cove in the northern Skullmars. Of unknown origin, they are razor sharp, and virtually invincible.

Pendant of Asahiel - A secret artifact, said to be fashioned from one of the heartstones of a Sword of Asahiel.

Swords of Asahiel - Mythical blades said to have been used in the forging of the earth.

Wellstone - A crystal used as a conduit for absorbing, storing, and redirecting bursts of concentrated energy.

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