Below is a complete glossary of locations found throughout the "Asahiel" books. Click the button to hear an audio pronunciation provided by William Thompson (requires Adobe's free Flash Player plug-in).


Aefengaard - A valley located in the Splinterwood.

Alson - Western nation of Pentania. Rich and fertile land diminished by the exploits of a hedonistic king.

Aspandel Mountains - Range separating Kuuria from Partha and Vosges. Home to the Entients' stronghold of Whitlock.

Atharvan - Capital city of Partha, set in a region of broken hills and canyons. Dubbed "King of the East".

Bane Draw ("Iskin's Bane") - Draw south of Kraagen Keep, named for the defeat of King Iskin of Partha.

Bannok's Fist - A dam at the headwaters of the Shia River, on the western heights of the Aspandel Mountains in Kuuria.

Bastion - Giant battlement that serves as gateway between lands north (Lorrehaim) and south (Wylddeor) on the continent of Yawacor.

Battlemont - A military outpost located in southern Partha at the edge of the Kalmira Forest.

Billak Mar - A city of Lorrehaim on the western coast.

Conthur Keep - A city of Kuuria.

Crylag - A major city of Partha, located near the Fields of Ravacost on the Parthan-Menzo front.

Dagger Canyon - Canyon that wards Kraagen Keep, carved by an ancient tributary of the Llornel River, now run dry.

Diln - A forest village in Alson. Home of Jarom and Allion.

Dirrk - A city located in central Partha, south of Crylag.

Dragonscale Cleft - Pass that cuts through a southern stretch of the Dragontails.

Dragontail Mountains - Range that lines the eastern coast of Yawacor.

Dragonwood ("Rogues' Forest") - Forest of southern Wylddeor.

Drakmar - A barony of south-central Alson. Rival to Palladur.

Durthur Keep - A city of Kuuria.

Earthwyn - An unwalled city of Alson, set in the southern reaches of the Kalgren Forest.

Emerald River - A river running southwest from the Skullmar Mountains through the Kalmira Forest of southern Partha.

Emering Mountains - A small range of northwestern Alson.

Fahren Cleft - A mountain defile outside the Parthan city of Atharvan.

Fenwood - {See Widowwood}

Feverroot - A small community of healers, located in the Kalmira Forest of southern Partha.

Fields of Ravacost - A war-torn region that serves as the primary battlefront between the armies of Menzos and Partha.

Gaermont Ridge - A mountain ridge outside the Parthan city of Atharvan.

Gammelost - A bustling seaport on the western shore of Alson.

Gaperon - Pass that cuts between the Tenstrock and Aspandel mountain ranges, forming the primary gateway between the land of Kuuria and its northern neighbors.

Giant's Tongue - Tavern meathouse in the outpost city of Vagarbound.

Gilded Tankard - Tavern in Razorport, on the coast of Yawacor.

Glendon - A city of Alson located just north of the Kalgren Forest. Neighbor to Diln.

Goblin Reach - Pass that marks the boundary between the Dragontail and the Trollslay mountain ranges.

Grimhold - An ancient mages' stronghold on the uncharted isle of Shattercove. Home to the wizard Soric.

Gunarian Trail - A northerly trail from Atharvan to the shores of Llornel Lake, in Partha.

Haakon's Arch - Finger of land which spans Dagger Canyon and offers passage to Kraagen Keep via Bane Draw.

Hanoan Promontory - A promontory overlooking the principal highway leading south from Krynwall.

Hokkum Spire - An anchor point for those seeking to hold the southern Gaperon against an army of Illychar in the Second Illysp War.

Hrothgar - A kingdom of dwarves living in the shadow-earth beneath the Skullmar Mountains of eastern Tritos (Pentania).

Hunarrian Loop - A route of tunnels beneath the shadow-earth, outside the Hrothgari city of Ungarveld.

Hynara Tree - The great council tree of the Finlorian people. An ageless ironwood.

Kalgren Forest - A forest located in eastern Alson. Home to the village Diln, and to the cities of Glendon and Earthwyn.

Kalgren Fork - The eastern fork of Alson's Royal River, which runs along the western edge of the Kalgren Forest.

Kalmira Forest - A forest located in southern Partha, bordering the jungles of Vosges.

Kasseri - A shipbuilding town of Lorrehaim, on the eastern coast.

Kord - A city of northern Alson, home to Duke Baleth, Sorl's uncle.

Kraagen Keep - Capital city of Menzos, set upon a plateau in a region of broken hills and knifing canyons.

Kraagmal River - A river in northern Menzos, south and west of Kraagen Keep.

Krynwall - Capital city of Alson.

Kuuria - Southern nation of Pentania. Oldest and largest of the human kingdoms.

Lake Hivron - A large lake located in central Kuuria.

Lake Tanir - A lake of northern Wylddeor.

Latymir - A town of Wylddeor, just east of the Dragonscale cleft.

Laulk - Sister city to Leaven, located on the western slopes of the Whistlecrag Mountains, on the border between Partha and Alson.

Leaven - A bustling city on the border between three nations, Alson, Partha, and Menzos. Dubbed "Queen of the East".

Llornel Lake - A large lake located in southern Menzos / northern Partha.

Llornel River - A river in northern Menzos, south and east of Kraagen Keep.

Lorrehaim ("Northland") - Northern realm of Yawacor; domain of Lord Lorre.

Menzos - Northeastern land of Pentania that has long been fighting a war of independence against its southern neighbor, Partha.

Merrethain River - A small river in Partha, near Corathel's boyhood home.

Morethil - Present-day capital of Kuuria. The largest, newest and cleanest of the human cities.

Morgan's Harrow - A ridge along which coalition forces set their defensive line against the Illychar at the southern mouth of the Gaperon in the Second Illysp War.

Morganthur - Former capital city of Kuuria. Abandoned in favor of the newer Morethil.

Morjal - A major city of Menzos, located near the Fields of Ravacost on the Menzo-Parthan front.

Mount Krakken - Volcanic king of the Skullmar range. Much taller and larger than any other peak. Home to the dragon Killangrathor.

Myniah - A town of northern Wylddeor on the western coast.

Neak-Thur - Fortified city that marks the boundary between lands north (Lorrehaim) and south (Wylddeor) on the continent of Yawacor.

Nehar River - A river running north and south through the land of Lorrehaim.

Nest - A settlement located in the Widowwood. Home to the Fenwa (Nymphs).

Nivvia - Island separated from the southern tip of Vosges. Uninhabited.

Nivvian Gulf - Gulf of waters formed by the southern tip of Vosges, north of the island Nivvia.

Oloron Sea - Ocean cradling the island continent of Pentania and the western continent of Yawacor.

Palladur - A barony of southwestern Alson. Rival to Drakmar.

Partha - Southeastern nation of Pentania that once consisted of the entire eastern half of the continent, but has long been fighting to quell the insurrection of its northern neighbor, Menzos.

Pentania - Name given to the island continent of Tritos  nearly 400 years ago, after the fall of the Finlorian elves (3,000 years ago) and the rise of the human nations.

Queen's Hive - An inn of ill repute in the city of Krynwall.

Raemes - Secluded isle southeast of Pentania to which the renegade Entient Algorath fled following the Illysp War. Island home to which his seventh-great-grandson Darinor is born.

Razorport - Small seaport on the eastern coast of Wylddeor.

Royal River - A river running south through central Alson.

Sekulon - Nesting lands of humankind, from which man sailed forth to settle other lands, such as Tritos. Continent upon which Spithaera first emerged 1,000 years prior to re-emergence on Pentania.

Serpent Reach - Pass that marks the boundary between the Dragontail and the Wyvern Spur mountain ranges.

Shadow-earth - Term given to the unexplored, subterranean realms of Pentania.

Shattercove - An uncharted isle off the eastern coast of Yawacor. Home to the wizard Soric.

Shia River - A river running southwest through central Kuuria.

Shimmeril - Valley home to Cianellen.

Shiro - A city of central Kuuria.

Skullmar Mountains - Range lining the eastern coast of Pentania, and which are said by some to have been born of more than mere nature. Easily the largest and most menacing of Pentania's mountain ranges. Home to Mount Krakken and to the ruins of Thrak-Symbos.

Souaris - First human city on Tritos. Known for its mining trade and for its impervious defenses. Dubbed the "City of Man".

South River - A river running south  through southwestern Alson.

Splinterwood ("Forgotten Forest") - Northland forest grown up between the Trollslay and Wyvern Spur Mountains. Home to the valley of Aefengaard.

Stralk - A city of Kuuria, third largest behind Morethil and Souaris.

Sydwahr - A town of northern Wylddeor, on the shores of Lake Tanir.

Tanir River - A river running from the northeast to the southwest through northern Wylddeor.

Tenstrock Mountains - Range dividing the land of Alson to the north from the land of Kuuria to the south.

Thornspur - A key bluff at the southern mouth of the Gaperon.

Thrak-Symbos - Capitol of Tritos in the time of the Finlorian elves. Now a buried city in the southern coastal regions of the Skullmar Mountains. Said to be the resting place of the last known Crimson Sword.

Tonner's Fang - An anchor point for those seeking to hold the southern Gaperon against an army of Illychar in the Second Illysp War.

Tresc Thor - A city of Kuuria.

Tritos - Original name for the island continent of Pentania. Tritos was the largest of the ancient Finlorian Isles, inhabited by the Finlorian elves from 10,000 to 3,000 years ago.

Trollslay Mountains - Range that forms the northwestern fork of the Dragontails.

Ungarveld - Capital city of the dwarven kingdom of Hrothgar.

Vagarbound - A town of Lorrehaim, on the western slopes of the Dragontail Mountains.

Veil - Name given the falls warding the underground entrance to Aefengaard.

Vosges - Land of jungle marshes that form the southeastern peninsula of Pentania. Home to the aboriginal inhabitants, the Mookla'ayans.

Whisperwood - A forest of western Alson, south of the Emering Mountains.

Whistlecrag Mountains - Range dividing Alson to the west from Menzos and Partha to the east.

Whitlock - Secret stronghold buried high on the eastern slopes of the Aspandel Mountains. Home to the mystical Entients.

Widowwood ("Nymphs' Forest") - Southland forest just north of the Dragonwood. Home to the Fenwa (Nymphs) and their settlement (the Nest). Also known as the Fenwood.

Wingport - A mighty seaport on the southern shore of Kuuria.

Witchwood ("Forbidden Forest") - Northland forest grown up along the eastern coast. Home to Cianellen's valley of Shimmeril.

Wormroad - Road running east-west around the southern face of the Parthan city of Leaven.

Wylddeor ("Southland") - Southern realm of Yawacor; Land of Rogues.

Wyvern Spur Mountains - Range that forms the northeastern fork of the Dragontails.

Yawacor - A frontier land of warlords and cutthroats, found west of Pentania across the Oloron Sea.

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